Nevada Diversity Partners

Nevada’s leadership team sets clear expectations and provides the support for employees to be successful, to have the opportunity to make a difference in the management of the public lands. Nevada consistently identifies and develops those within the organization who show the potential and interest in becoming the best they can be. BLM Nevada offers job security with good wages, flexible work schedules and insurance benefits including health, vision, dental and life insurance.

Featured Partnership

View of Red Rock Canyon NCA in Southern Nevada
RRCIA interpretive staff work hand-in-
hand with BLM staff in presenting
programs to school groups and the
general public at Red Rock Canyon.
Though RRCIA staff always lend a
helping hand with visiting school
programs, they shine in offering a
variety of activities to our visitors.
This can  include hikes, tabletop
presentations and programs on
astronomy, geology and cultural
history.  Classes such as sketching and
jewelry making round out their
Photo by BLM Nevada

The Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association (RRCIA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization that operates under a Cooperating Agreement with the BLM. The mission of RRCIA is to enhance the recreational, educational and interpretive programs of the Bureau of Land Management, and other governmental agencies, by providing materials and services to the public which promote an understanding and appreciation of the natural history, cultural history and sciences of Southern Nevada and specifically, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. This is done via interpretation and education, sales, fee station staffing, professional and financial support.

Mojave Max: Various programs and events are given to educate children about desert tortoises and the Mojave Desert habitat in which they live. Activities include classroom programs, assemblies, teacher workshops and the very popular Mojave Max Emergence Contest. Information can be found at Off-Site Education: Special programs are available for schools and community organizations. For example, RRCIA is working with local school students on an insect inventory of Red Rock Canyon. Programs are available for other groups, including senior living centers and at-risk youth. Professional and Financial Support: RRCIA provides support in many ways, including the design and purchase of interpretive signs, planning costs, trail creation and other projects.