The BLM's national and state leaders bring a combination of innovation and experience to the organization.  Together, leaders and employees work side-by-side daily to manage the public lands as working landscapes that support a greater America. Our multiple-use mandate ensures healthy, productive public lands for current and future generations. Learn more about the BLM's top leadership below.


Tracy Stone-Manning

BLM Director
Photo of Tracy Stone-Manning

In September 2021, Tracy Stone-Manning was confirmed as the 19th Director of the Bureau of Land Management. Tracy Stone-Manning has spent her career devoted to public service and conservation, bringing people

Deputy Director, Policy and Programs
Nada Wolff Culver

Nada Wolff Culver

Deputy Director, Policy and Programs
Nada Wolff Culver is the Deputy Director of Policy and Programs. Nada most recently served as the Vice President, Public Lands and Senior Policy Counsel at the National Audubon Society.
Deputy Director, Operations
Michael Nedd

Michael D. Nedd

Deputy Director, Operations
As Deputy Director for Operations, Mike Nedd oversees the BLM’s daily activities and initiatives and more than 9,000 employees, located mostly in the western states.
Alaska State Director
Man standing in front of tree

Steve Cohn

Alaska State Director
Steve Cohn became the BLM State Director for Alaska in 2022.
Arizona State Director
Ray Suazo

Raymond Suazo

BLM Arizona State Director
Ray Suazo became the BLM Arizona State Director in 2012.
California State Director

Karen Mouritsen

California State Director
Karen Mouritsen is the BLM’s State Director for California.
Colorado State Director
photo of Doug Vilsack

Doug Vilsack

BLM Colorado State Director
Doug Vilsack became the BLM Colorado State Director in August 2022
Eastern States State Director
Mitchell Leverette

Mitchell Leverette

BLM Eastern States State Director
Mitch Leverette became the BLM’s Eastern States Director after serving as acting Deputy Assistant Director and acting Assistant Director for Energy, Minerals, and Realty Management in the Washington (DC) Office.
Idaho State Director
Headshot of BLM-Idaho State Director Karen Kelleher

Karen Kelleher

BLM Idaho State Director
As BLM Idaho State Director, Kelleher oversees approximately 12 million acres of public lands, representing nearly one-fourth of the state's total land area, for multiple uses including livestock grazing, mining, conservation and recreation.
Montana-Dakotas State Director
headshot of woman with short dark hair, glasses and a blue shirt

Sonya Germann

Montana-Dakotas State Director
Born in Montana and raised on a ranch, Germann first went to work for DNRC in 2004 as a part-time staff person in the Forestry Division’s seedling nursery.
Nevada State Director
New Mexico State Director
Acting New Mexico State Director Melanie Barnes

Melanie Barnes

BLM New Mexico State Director

Melanie Barnes is the State Director for the Bureau of Land Management in New Mexico, where she oversees the management of public lands and minerals in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas

Oregon-Washington State Director
OR/WA State Director Barry Bushue

Barry Bushue

BLM Oregon-Washington State Director
Barry Bushue became the BLM’s State Director for Oregon and Washington after working for the Oregon Farm Service Agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, where he served as the State Executive Director.
Utah State Director

Greg Sheehan

Utah State Director
As BLM's State Director in Utah, Greg Sheehan leads a team that administers nearly 22.9 million acres of public lands, representing about 42% of the state.
Wyoming State Director
BLM Wyoming State Director Andrew Archuleta

Andrew Archuleta

BLM Wyoming State Director
Andrew Archuleta is the BLM Wyoming State Director, responsible for overseeing management of the uses and resources on 17.5 million acres of public land and more than 40 million acres of federal mineral estate.


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