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You are listening to On the Ground, a conversational podcast where we talk to the various scientists, firefighters, land managers, and all around fascinating people at the Bureau of Land Management. Join us as we talk about conservation, recreation, and commercial uses for your public lands.


Looking at rivers from a fish’s perspective in Southwest Oregon

coho salmon fry in a stream

Near Medford, Oregon, Rose Hanrahan is a fish biologist working on coho salmon recovery. Funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Inflation Reduction Act is helping to accelerate projects aimed at improving stream health, making the kinds of rivers and streams that fish like to navigate.

BLM invests in Youth programs and projects nationwide using Inflation Reduction Act funds

workers build rock structure on ground

David Howell interviews Maya Fuller, BLM's national lead for Inflation Reduction Act Youth Initiatives, and four BLM employees putting youth to work in the field.

Cleaning up abandoned mine lands yields wildlife benefits in southwest New Mexico

a worker smooths concrete on a mine enclosure

In southwest New Mexico, the Bureau of Land Management is restoring an area to both protect people from dangerous mine shafts, and to improve the habitat for endangered species. In this episode, we interview Chris Teske, a BLM Physical Scientist in New Mexico who is heading the cleanup of more than 300 mine features. 

Partnerships are key to success in Cosumnes Watershed

Person in a canoe transport weeds removed from shoreline

David Howell interviews Amy Fesnock, BLM's Manager for the Cosumnes River Preserve. BLM is investing funds from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act at Cosumnes.

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law - Animas City Mountain Rx burn

Firefighter conducting prescribed fire for the Animas City Mountain Rx burn

Animas City Mountain Rx burn is a project under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law in Colorado.

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