Fourth graders laugh while carrying a kayak at the South Fork of the Snake River in Idaho

Connecting Kids to Public Lands

Programs for Children

Children at Sand to Snow National Monument

Encompassing millions of acres, public lands are places where young people can connect with the natural world and explore their cultural heritage. People of all ages can enjoy recreational activities, experience nature, explore our nation's history, and discover the land's past on some of America's most amazing landscapes. 

The BLM works with community and recreation partners to provide opportunities for families to spend time together outdoors. By engaging young people in learning and recreation on public lands, we can nurture the next generation of conservation stewards and leaders.

Programs for Kids

Make Your Splash! Junior Ranger

Make Your Splash Junior Ranger magazine cover showing a young woman canoeing on the Gulkana Wild and Scenic River in Alaska

Dive into this Junior Ranger magazine to learn about America's Wild and Scenic Rivers.

Make Your Splash! Junior Ranger

Outdoor Classrooms

With vast natural, archaeological, paleontological, and historical resources, public lands are “America’s largest classroom.”

Authentic field experiences connect students and teachers to the natural world, their cultural heritage. Citizen science, environmental monitoring, and other projects bring classroom learning to life.

Hands on the Land Project Archaeology

BLM Careers

Archaeologist career card

Archaeology to education, fisheries to forestry, geology to recreation, there's a career for you at the BLM. 

Be a Citizen Scientist

Citizen Scientists at Work! Junior Ranger book cover

Learn how you can do citizen science at home, in your community, and when you visit your public lands.

Citizen Scientists at Work! Junior Ranger

More Junior Ranger magazines

In both English and Spanish!


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