Close up photo of Cinnabar pieces from Kolmakof Mine

Kolmakof Mine

Location: 19 miles east of Aniak and approximately 10 miles west of Napaimute (North ½ Section 6, Township 17 North, Range 53 West, Seward Meridian, Alaska)

Partners:  None

Hazards being addressed:  Chemicals, Fuel, Solid Waste, and Mercury contamination of soil

The Kolmakof Mine Site (KMS) is an abandoned cinnabar (mercury) mine located on the north bank of the Kuskokwim River, approximately 19 miles east of Aniak and approximately 10 miles west of Napaimute.

Last known mining activity was in 1972, with the claims being determined abandoned-void in 1986.  BLM initiated action on environmental issues at the KMS in 1999 under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liabilities Act (CERCLA) BLM has removed buildings, vehicles, mining equipment, removed soil contaminated with oil, and as of 2016, removed 160 cubic yards of soils containing elevated metals concentrations.  Cleanup objectives have been achieved at all areas except the area where a former mercury retort was operated.   The BLM continues to take action at the KMS, subject to availability of funds.

The KMS is listed on the USEPA Superfund Federal Facilities Docket with ID Number AKN001002949.  The KMS is listed on the State of Alaska Contaminated Sites Database, Record Key 2000250913701

Project Contact

Francis Marley
Phone: 907-267-1226