Eastern Montana RAC members view the landscape on a field trip to Terry Badlands, Montana, BLM photo

Resource Advisory Council

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When you get involved with our advisory committees, you can help in the BLM’s mission to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of America’s public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations.  

The BLM maintains 38 chartered advisory committees, located in the West. These citizen-based advisory groups have been successful in bringing diverse, and often competing, interests to the table to deal with issues of mutual concern. This inclusive approach is a means to successfully deal with the long-standing challenges of public land management.  

Advisory committees are invaluable to the BLM because consensus-driven recommendations often lead to sustainable outcomes that benefit natural resources and often enjoy a high level of public support.

RAC Near You

BLM RAC members in Colorado raft local rivers, BLM photo

The BLM maintains 38 chartered advisory committees along with advisory committees and panels across the West and Alaska.  Find a RAC near you.

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  RAC Perspectives

"This is a fantastic landscape. It’s a landscape that has beauty and it’s also a landscape with enormous value for its use potential. The public needs to be involved in that and needs to find that balance between use and protection."

-Tim Lehman, Eastern Montana RAC