Laws and Regulations

Cover of the 2021 Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976 as Amended

The BLM manages public lands and subsurface estate under its jurisdiction under the Federal Land Policy and Management Act or FLPMA, passed in 1976. Despite the rapidly changing environment in which we work, the BLM remains committed to its core mission mandated by FLPMA – a careful balancing of multiple use and sustained yield.  Download a copy of FLPMA, as amended

FLPMA along with other laws, regulations, and internal policies shape the BLM's work. On this page, you’ll find quick links to those laws, regulations and policies for easy reference. 

View current and historic photos that reflect the BLM’s activities as a Federal land management agency: @mypubliclands FLPMA Flickr album.

A BLM range conservationist examines a mahogany near Canon City, Colorado in 1958.