Arizona Diversity Partners

We take pride in having a diverse workforce that reflects the communities we serve.  Unique to BLM Arizona is the Diversity Inclusion and Awareness Recruitment Team (DIART), which consists of members statewide.  DIART's goal is to address both the immediate and long-term diversity and inclusion needs of BLM Arizona.  Our commitment to ensuring a diverse workforce also extends to our partners, who are integral in our ability to execute the multiple-use mission.  Through robust partnerships with organizations like the Phoenix and Maricopa County Workforce Investment Boards, Arizona Call-a-Teen Youth Resources (ACYR), American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES), and the Chicago Botanic Garden, we are able to maximize our recruitment ability through meaningful internship opportunities.

Featured Partnership

Field School recruits learning wildland firefighting techniqes.
BLM Arizona Field School recruits gain
hands-on experience in implementing
wildland firefighting techniques.  

With funding from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Workforce Investment Act and robust partnerships with the Phoenix and Maricopa County Workforce Investment Boards, BLM Arizona is a leader in providing opportunities for youth to gain hands-on work experience in natural resources through a variety of field-based conservation projects, trainings, and certifications.  One of the most successful youth programs in Arizona is the Conservation and Resource Management Field Certification Program or Field School, as it is commonly known.  Through working with a non-profit organization called Arizona Call-a-Teen Youth Resources (ACYR), youth participants ranging from the ages of 18-25 are recruited and paid to work alongside resource management professionals.  The 16-week Field School experience also gives an added benefit as a means to earn 12 college credits towards obtaining an Environmental Natural Resource Stewardship Academic Certificate at Phoenix College; these credits are transferable towards bachelor degrees at both Arizona State University (ASU) and Northern Arizona University (NAU). 

Field School recruits execute non-jurisdictional project work on lands managed by the BLM, Arizona Game and Fish Department, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, City of Phoenix, Black Canyon City and U.S. Forest Service.  The hands-on learning that occurs fosters an environmental ethic towards our landscapes and results in making substantial contributions in conserving our natural and cultural resource treasures.  Through this experience, participants have the opportunity to meet hiring officials from a variety of agencies and also learn to develop the necessary skills to get into the professional workforce, such as resume writing and interviewing.