Data Resources

The BLM, with its extensive and complex land-management mission across 245 million surface and 700 million sub-surface acres, regularly gathers, maintains, and publishes various types of data to inform stakeholders and the general public about its stewardship responsibilities.  This data includes detailed information on the commercial uses of the public lands (such as energy development, livestock grazing, mining, and timber harvesting); recreational activities and revenues; wild horse and burro management, including figures relating to on-range herd populations, removals from the range, and national adoption figures; cadastral (mapping) surveys; conservation of rangeland resources and more than 870 special units, such as wilderness areas, that are part of the BLM's 34 million-acre National Conservation Lands system; and the socio-economic impacts of public land management.

Below are links to publications, such as Public Land Statistics and A Sound Investment for America, that collectively tell the story of how the BLM is managing America's public lands for a variety of uses. 

Socioeconomic Data

Learn about the economic contributions from and intangible benefits of your public lands

The cover of The BLM: Valuing America's Public Lands 2023

Public Land Statistics

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The BLM publishes the Public Land Statistics report annually.  Each report provides information about our multiple-use land management activities.

Read and download Public Land Statistics reports.

Program Data

Through the links below, access some of our most popular program data.

Energy and Minerals

National Conservation Lands

Wild Horse and Burro