Rand Historic Mining Complex

Location: Randsburg, Red Mountain, and Johannesburg.

Field Office: Ridgecrest Field Office.

The Rand Historic Mining Complex (RHMC) includes three separate mining areas.  It has been divided into three Operable Units:  OU1, the Kelly Silver Mine area in Red Mountain, CA;  OU2, the Yellow Aster Mine area in Randsburg, CA;  and OU3, the Marigold Mine area near Johannesburg, CA.

CERCLA authorizes the President of the United States the following authority: to investigate and clean up hazardous substance sites directly; to ensure clean-up by a responsible party through enforcement actions; and to recover all costs incurred while responding to the release or threat of release of hazardous substances.  This is provided that these costs are incurred consistent with the application regulations.  These regulations are part of the National Contingency Plan (NCP).  The President's authority to take such actions on land under the jurisdiction, custody, or control of the Department of the Interior was delegated to the Secretary of the Interior through Executive Order (EO) 12580, as amended by EO 13016.  The delegated authority applies to remedial actions for release or threat of release of hazardous substances and for removal actions other than emergencies.

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