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The BLM offers internships that provide young people and veterans with jobs and job training opportunities in local communities. These internships help to support American families and build strong economies while keeping public lands healthy and productive. Working individually or as part of a team or crew, BLM interns participate in the shared stewardship of public lands - building trails and enhancing recreational facilities, restoring habitat damaged by wildland fire, and supporting BLM's multiple-use mission.  

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Many BLM internships are made possible through public-private partnerships involving BLM offices and youth-serving organizations in states and local communities. Opportunities to pursue partnerships with the BLM to provide internships and other job training opportunities for young people and veterans are posted regularly on  

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Types of Internships

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The BLM offers career opportunities for students and recent graduates through the BLM Pathways Program and work crew or intern positions through partnerships with a wide range of organizations, including schools, youth corps, non-profit educational, and scientific organizations. Some interns volunteer, while others earn a wage or living allowance. Some earn college credit or tuition benefits. Whether working as an individual intern, as part of a small team, or as a member of a youth corps crew, the rewards of working on public lands can be fantastic and life-changing.

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BLM works with a wide range of partner organizations, including members of the 21st Century Conservation Service Corps.  

If you are interested in working with the BLM in your area, check with your local BLM office.  

You can also search for opportunities by checking the websites of BLM partner organizations, including:

Career Track

The Pathways Internship Program offers students paid opportunities to work in agencies and explore federal careers while still in school.  The program covers students enrolled in a variety of academic fields.  Pathways is for current students (16 years of age or older) enrolled or accepted for enrollment and seeking a degree (diploma, certificate, etc.) in a qualifying accredited educational institution on a full- or half-time basis.  

Visit the BLM Students and Graduates to learn more.

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Meet our Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities or HACU interns who spent the summer in beautiful New Mexico.

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