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Each day, the Bureau of Land Management employees, volunteers and partners conserve public lands, build our nation’s energy infrastructure and support local economies, advance scientific discovery and much more.  Read our blog stories about the BLM in your community and learn how to get involved.

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Join the herd celebrating World Wildlife Day in Colorado

World Wildlife Day on March 3 celebrates the unique roles and contributions of wildlife to people and the planet. Wild animals play a unique part in the ecosystem, food chain, recreation and even economies. 

BLM Wyoming, Natrona County Sheriff’s Office collaborate to enhance Search and Rescue capabilities

On an unseasonably warm January day, a BLM Casper Field Office supervisor gets a message through Garmin In-Reach that no manager wants to hear.

BLM Dillon Fisheries Biologist Recognized for Outstanding Public Service

Longtime Dillon Field Office Fisheries Biologist Paul Hutchinson was recently recognized by Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks (MTFWP) for his outstanding public service related to the conservation an

Record of the Week: Grasshopper Falls, Kansas

You won't find the town of Grasshopper Falls, Kansas on a modern map. But as our GLO record of the week shows, it was certainly there after being founded in 1859.

BLM Colorado Cadastral Survey assists National Park Service with newest national park unit

America’s newest national park unit, Amache National Historic Site, has a unique connection to BLM Colorado!

Honoring Black Heritage: The Trailblazing Journey of James Beckwourth and the African American Influence on Utah's Public Lands

This Black History Month, the BLM Utah recognizes the enduring and diverse contributions of African Americans throughout American history, from the exploration and settlement of the American West to their significant roles in shaping our nation's past and present across all aspects of society.

For visitors with low vision, public lands offer more than meets the eye

BLM’s commitment to increasing access to public lands isn’t just about expanding roads, trails, and other infrastructure.

BLM donates water tender to Cedarville Volunteer Fire Department

The Bureau of Land Management has donated a firefighting water tender to the Cedarville Volunteer Fire Department, increasing the capability of the department that often assists the BLM with wildfi

Unhealthy competition

Invasive species are a leading risk to native wildlife everywhere, including the greater sage-grouse and hundreds of other s

BLM Arizona Project Manager Alexia Williams makes a difference on public lands

From Wyoming to California to Arizona, Alexia Williams makes a difference in her stewardship of America's public lands and resources.

Lathrop Bayou Prescribed Burn ‘A Great Success’

LATHROP BAYOU, Fla. -- On Feb.