Fire Management Feature: Arizona's Helitack Modules - Moki and Weaver Mountain

BLM Arizona’s two Helitack Crews have had a very busy summer - Moki Helitack is a 10-person crew based on the Arizona Strip District in St.

BLM makes a difference at World Restoration Conference

Story by Amanda (Mandie) Carr, BLM Coordinator of Botanical Communication and Outreach.

When public land in New Mexico stood in for the Moon

Story by Derrick Henry, Public Affairs Specialist. Photos by Derrick Henry and NASA.

BLM Arizona improves efficiency in wildland firefighting

A BLM Arizona Helitack crew is now certified as only one of five crews in the nation with specialized training that improves response time to fires and increases the effi

Podcast: Fire breathing, smoky, and tough – a firefighter’s career

Wildland firefighting is tough, strenuous, and often stressful work. Frontiers caught up with a retired BLM firefighter to find out how the service has changed, and to see if he would do it again.

You're invited! Learn about wild horse country at the 2021 Wild Horse Walkabout!

The next Wild Horse Walkabout is coming up! Join a BLM California for a three-day, hands-on outdoor learning experience in the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area north of Susanville, California.

BLM archaeologist digs data

Before a new road, pipeline or even a fence can traverse BLM land, a call goes out to BLM archaeologists.

The Emmys - Philo Taylor Farnsworth

In an ode to the week of the Emmy Awards ceremony, the Bureau of Land Management is showcasing a man who made television entertainment possible, Philo Taylor Farnsworth. Come check it out!

The Mother’s Day Quarry Keeps Giving

Story by: Greg Liggett, Paleontologist, Montana/Dakotas State Office

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