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Lake Havasu Field Office staff offer boat decontaminations at fishing tournament

On February 12, the staff from the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Lake Havasu Field Office helped decontaminate watercraft at the WON BASS Arizona Open at Lake Havasu tournament. The BLM completed decontaminations with the Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) and Woods to Water Wildlife Solutions to stop the spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS) and protect western waters.

Podcast: White Mountains Safety

You’re caught in sub-zero bad weather in the White Mountains National Recreation Area and whatever equipment you were counting on to travel back to the trailhead broke down – here’s some of what you wish you had with you.

From slave to landowner: The grit and gumption of Letitia Carson

From slave to Oregon Trail traveler to Black landowner, the story of pioneering Oregon homesteader Letitia Carson is an inspiring one—with a BLM connection.

Labor of Logistics: Coordinating safe transportation for wild horses and burros across the United States

For those animals that leave the range, Meredith Kueck guides the complex process of moving them around the country, to reach new owners. She handles the logistics of animal shipping, planning routes to minimize stress on the animals and making more efficient use of taxpayers’ money.

Wild Horse Walkabouts; Field course teaches basics of rangeland science

Amanda Gearhart is the wild horse and burro specialist for BLM’s Northern California District. She holds a doctorate in range science and shares her passion for rangeland management with all she meets.

My Wild Burro Story: The Many Expressions of Penny

Adam Eggers who works in the Media Services Branch for BLM's National Training Center in Arizona shares his love of their adopted burro "Penny" and her many expressions.

Human-made beaver dams likely save natural wetland from extinction

A natural wetland in southeast Oregon was likely saved from extinction thanks to four years of collaboration and some human-made beaver dams. In the Oregon high desert, about seven miles northeast of the town of Crane, Alder Creek bubbles to the surface surrounded by sagebrush and juniper trees.

Spotlight on the historic Shirk Ranch

How many times have you driven by an old barn or homestead and wanted to stop, get out and explore its hidden history? At BLM-administered sites like the Shirk Ranch, you can. Nestled deep in the Lakeview District’s Guano Valley, the historic Shirk Ranch transports visitors back in time to Oregon’s homesteading and early ranching days.

Counting black beauties, bay beauties, duns, palominos, roans, blacks, sorrels, whites, and grays too...

As most herd management areas in the west cover huge areas with poor roads, BLM uses aerial surveys to estimate how many horses are in each population.

A Veterinarian's View

Physiologically, these animals are the same as domestic horses and burros, but they are not just unhandled horses and burros. They are truly wild animals and this just makes the practices the BLM has put in place over the years that much more important to help protect the animal’s health and well-being.

Podcast: White Mountains National Recreation Area

Garrett Jones is a recreation planner who works in one of the most beautiful places in the world. We sat down with him to find out what it's like in the White Mountains National Recreation Area and what it's like as a workplace.