Organization Chart

With headquarters in Grand Junction, Colorado, our approximately 10,000 employees work in state, district, and field offices throughout the continental United States and Alaska. 

    Micheal NeddMichael Nedd
    Deputy Director, Operations
  • Eric Kriley
    Office of Law Enforcement and Security
  • La Shon Cole
    Office of Civil Rights
  • Joseph Mendez (Acting)
    National Operations Center
  • Director's Staff
  • Grant Beebe
    Fire & Aviation
  • David Jenkins
    Resources & Planning
  • Nicholas Douglas
    Energy, Minerals & Realty Management
  • Mark Lambrecht
    National Conservation Lands and Community Partnerships
  • Matthew Buffington
  • Barbara Eggers
    Business Management and Administration
  • Alaska
    State Director:
    Chad Padgett
  • Arizona
    State Director:
    Raymond Suazo
  • California
    State Director:
    Karen Mouritsen
  • Colorado
    State Director:
    Jamie Connell
  • Eastern States
    State Director:
    Mitchell Leverette
  • Idaho
    State Director:
    John Ruhs
  • Montana-Dakotas
    State Director:
    John Mehlhoff
  • Nevada
    State Director:
    Jon Raby
  • New Mexico
    State Director:
    Steve Wells (Acting)
  • Oregon-Washington
    State Director:
    Barry Bushue
  • Utah
    State Director:
    Greg Sheehan
  • Wyoming
    State Director:
    Kim Liebhauser (Acting)