Organization Chart

With headquarters in Washington, D.C., our approximately 10,000 employees work in state, district, and field offices throughout the continental United States and Alaska. 

  • Tracy Stone-Manning
  • Nada Wolff Culver
    Deputy Director, Policy and Programs
    Michael Nedd
    Deputy Director, Operations
  • Jason O'Neal
    Office of Law Enforcement and Security
  • La Shon Cole
    Office of Civil Rights
  • H. Thomas Workman
    National Operations Center
  • Director's Staff
  • Grant Beebe
    Fire & Aviation
  • Brian St. George (Acting)
    Resources & Planning
  • Nicholas Douglas
    Energy, Minerals & Realty Management
  • Thomas Heinlein
    National Conservation Lands and Community Partnerships
  • Jeff Krauss (Acting)
  • Barbara Eggers
    Business Management and Administration
  • James Rolfes
    Associate Chief Information Officer
  • Alaska
    State Director:
    Steve Cohn
  • Arizona
    State Director:
    Raymond Suazo
  • California
    State Director:
    Karen Mouritsen
  • Colorado
    State Director:
    Doug Vilsack
  • Eastern States
    State Director:
    Mitchell Leverette
  • Idaho
    State Director:
    Karen Kelleher
  • Montana-Dakotas
    State Director:
    Sonya Germann
  • Nevada
    State Director:
    Jon Raby
  • New Mexico
    State Director:
    Melanie Barnes
  • Oregon-Washington
    State Director:
    Barry Bushue
  • Utah
    State Director:
    Greg Sheehan
  • Wyoming
    State Director:
    Andrew Archuleta