Wildflowers on hill top over looking rolling hills below at sunset.

Lands, Realty & Cadastral Survey

The BLM Lands, Realty and Cadastral Survey program facilitates commercial, recreational and conservation activities to ensure that the public lands are working landscapes managed for the use and enjoyment of current and future generations. 

This mission encompasses public land transactions such as purchases and acquisitions, sales and exchanges, and withdrawals when they are in the public interest and are consistent with publicly approved resource management plans (RMPs). These land tenure activities aim to: 

  • improve management of natural resources;
  • increase recreational opportunities and ensure public access to public lands; 
  • preserve open space and traditional landscapes; 
  • secure key property necessary to protect endangered species, promote biological diversity, and preserve wildlife habitat and migration corridors; 
  • preserve archaeological, historical and paleontological resources; and 
  • accomplish specific acquisitions authorized by Congress. 

Leases, permits and right-of-way authorizations (ROWs) support energy development, film production and other economic activities.

Cadastral survey services establish official boundaries. Land Records document all activities and authorizations. 

MLRS | Authorizations, Billing & Records

The Mineral & Land Records System (MLRS) now handles all land use authorizations and realty billing (including Alaska), land tenure, energy & minerals leasing, mining claims and more. 

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