A group of interns pose after a day of field work. BLM photo.

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Diversity Programs

As a federal agency, our workforce at the BLM is reflective of the people we serve at all levels and in all occupations across the nation. Individual differences are recognized and encouraged to maximize our commitment to quality services.

We are proud of the contributions of individuals with disabilities, women and girls, and our many partners, and strive to provide a comfortable, inviting work environment for all.

Women and Girls

A female BLM employee takes time for a photo as she conducts water experiments in a local river. BLM photo.

Get inspired by dedicated female employees who play a vital role at the Bureau. Learn more.


The BLM partners with many diverse organizations to carry out our multiple-use mission. Learn more.

Individuals with Disabilities

Learn about the procedure for applying for a job at the BLM. Learn more.

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Employee Stories

An intern holds a kangaroo rat.  BLM photo.

Check out great stories about #BLMcareers and the beautiful places we work on @mypubliclands Tumblr.