E-Bikes on public lands

Where Can I Ride My E-bike?

Motorized areas and trails

Search for an Open OHV area or motorized trail to ride your e-bike.

BLM-managed public lands offer many opportunities for riding e-bikes, including any Open OHV area or motorized trail.

Non-motorized trails

Contact your local BLM office for more information.

E-bikes are allowed on trails limited to bicycles and non-motorized travel ONLY IF a BLM Manager has issued a written decision authorizing e-bike use in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


In December 2020, the BLM amended it's OHV regulations at 43 CFR 8340.0-5 to define e-bikes, which are limited to Class 1, 2, and 3 e-bikes.

The rule provides that authorized officers may authorize, through subsequent land-use planning or implementation-level decisions, the use of Class 1, 2, and 3 e-bikes on non-motorized roads and trails.

The rule provides managers the ability to exclude e-bikes that meet certain criteria from the definition of off-road vehicle (otherwise known as an off-highway vehicle (OHV)) at 43 CFR 8340.0-5(a). 

The rule, however, does not result in any immediate on-the-ground changes or site-specific allowances for e-bike usage on BLM-administered public lands.  In other words, the rule does not, by itself, open any non-motorized trails to e-bike use.  Before any on-the-ground changes can occur, an authorized officer must issue a land use planning or implementation -level decision that complies with NEPA and other applicable legal requirements.

E-Bikes on BLM-Managed Public Lands

The public lands should be accessible to as many Americans as possible, including people who use e-bikes. E-bikes help make public lands more accessible to more people. An e-bike is a bicycle with a small electric motor of not more than 750 watts (one horsepower) which assists in the operation of the bicycle and reduces the physical exertion demands on the rider. E-bikes may have two or three wheels and must have fully operable pedals.

BLM-managed public lands offer many opportunities for riding e-bikes, including any area or trail where OHVs are currently allowed.  BLM offices also have the authority to identify which non-motorized trails could be used for e-bike use on BLM-managed lands. BLM District and Field Managers are encouraged to consider authorizing e-bike use in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, including the e-bike rule.

To stay up-to-date with the latest e-bike information as it becomes available on BLM-managed public lands, contact your local BLM office, or search blm.gov/visit.

Ebiking in McInnis Canyons NCA in Grand Junction, Colorado
E-biking in McInnis Canyons NCA in Grand Junction, Colorado

Trail Etiquette

Trail etiquette is the same for e-bikes as it is for traditional bikes. Trail etiquette practices are based on a general concept of consideration of other trail users, and protection of the trail and surrounding natural resources.  Key concepts include:

  • following any posted trail rules such as speed limits, directional travel, or yielding suggestions
  • protecting the trail by staying off of the trail during wet or muddy conditions
  • openly communicating with other trail users with typical communication devices such as calm voice and non-obtrusive bells
  • use of helmets and personal audio devices that allow you to hear other trail users and wildlife
  • using passing techniques that are considerate of other trail users and that do not result in trail widening
  • ride in group numbers that do not negatively impact other trail users experience