Wild Horse and Burro

Fish Creek HMA

The colors of the horses in the Fish Creek HMA are predominantly: bay, brown, sorrel, red roan, and blue roan. There are a few buckskin, gray, grulla (mouse color), and palomino horses in the HMA. 

The Fish Creek HMA was also the first home of the curly horse. These animals were introduced to Eureka County, Nevada by Tom Dixon in 1874. Some evidence of this bloodline still exists in the horses in the HMA.

Location: The Fish Creek HMA is located just a few miles south of Eureka, Nevada in the Antelope and Little Smokey Valleys and in the Antelope and Fish Creek Mountains. 

Size: The area consists of 250,244 acres of BLM land and 2,527 acres of a mix of private and other public lands for a total of 252,771 acres.

Topography/Vegetation: The area is 25 miles wide and 28 miles long. The majority of the HMA is comprised of north-south trending mountain ranges that include all or portions of the Fish Creek Range, the Mahogany Hills, and the Antelope Range. Elevations range from 6,030 feet in the wide valley bottoms, reaching 10,100 feet at Nine Mile Peak. 

AML:  107-180