Silver Peak HMA

Location: The Silver Peak Herd Management Area (HMA) is situated between the towns of Silver Peak, and Dyer, Nevada, in Esmeralda County. 

Size: The area consists of 239,801 acres of BLM land and 2,661 acres of a mix of private and other public lands for a total of 242,462 acres.

Topography/Vegetation: The Silver Peak Herd Management Area (HMA) encompasses an area 29 miles long and 22 miles wide. Elevations range from 9,450 feet on Piper Peak to a low of 4,323 feet south of the town of Silver Peak. The area receives 3 inches of annual precipitation in the valley bottoms and up to 16 inches on the mountain tops.

The salt desert shrub vegetation type dominates the broad valleys on the alluvial fans and lower foothills in the lower elevation areas. The black greasewood vegetation type is restricted to Clayton Valley and is dominated by black greasewood which indicates a high water table. The sagebrush vegetation type occurs in mountains and hills and the pinyon-juniper woodlands vegetation type is present in the mountains.

AML:  4-6 wild burros