Jackson Mountains HMA

Horses within the HMA are descendants of ranch horses that either escaped or were released into the area. The majority of horses exhibit a bay, brown, black or sorrel color pattern.

Location: The Jackson Mountains Herd Management Area (HMA) is located in central Humboldt County, approximately 60 miles northwest of Winnemucca, Nevada. The area is bordered on the west by the Black Rock Desert, on the east by Desert Valley, on the north by State Highway 140 and the Quinn River, and on the south by the Union Pacific Railroad. 

Size: The area consists of 276,634 acres of BLM land and 7,141 acres of a mix of private and other public lands for a total of 283,775 acres.

Topography/Vegetation: The elevation ranges from 8,923 feet at King Lear Peak to approximately 4,000 feet along the valley floors. The Jackson Mountains HMA encompasses most of the Jackson Mountain Range. 

Wildlife: The HMA also provides habitat for domestic livestock, mule deer, bighorn sheep, pronghorn antelope, sage grouse, chukar partridge and various species of birds, rodents and reptiles. Wildlife and wild horses inhabit the area year round. Livestock use the area in spring and summer. 

AML: 130-217