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Crooks Mountain HMA

Running wild horses in Crooks Mountain HMA.

The horses in this herd management area (HMA) are predominantly bay and brown. 

Location: The Crooks Mountain HMA is located directly east central of Sweetwater Station, Wyo. and encompasses over 58,000 acres. 

Size: More than 58,000 acres. 

Topography/Vegetation: The lower elevations of the Crooks Mountain HMA receive approximately 10-14 inches of precipitation annually, and the upper elevations receive 15-20 inches annually. The major vegetation types are sagebrush/grass, woodland, and riparian. Topography within the HMA is generally rolling hills and slopes to the north and south of Crooks Mountain. The Crooks Mountain portion of the herd area is quite steep and broken with mountainous terrain. 

Wildlife: The area supports significant wildlife populations of elk, deer and antelope.

AML: 65-85


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A map showing all HMAs in Wyoming

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