The horses in this HMA are predominantly bay and brown. This HMA has genetic markers that would reflect a similarity to the New World Spanish horse breeds. Sweeping views of the southern Wind River Mountain Range can be seen to the west of this HMA. This HMA is truly in the “middle of nowhere” with scenic vistas throughout.

Location: The Antelope Hills HMA encompasses nearly 159,000 acres, of both public and private lands. The area is located approximately 15 miles south/southeast of Atlantic City, Wyo.

Size: Nearly 159,000 acres.

Topography/Vegetation: Elevations in the HMA range from 7,100 to 7,250 feet along Cyclone Rim and it is bisected by the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail. The topography ranges from rolling flatlands south of Cyclone Rim, uplifted ridges along Cyclone Rim, and abrupt rocky zones of the Granite Rocks area of the Antelope Hills, interspersed with rolling lands north of the rim to the Sweetwater River. These horses spend much of their summer in the Granite Rocks Region of the HMA. The area receives five to seven inches of precipitation annually. Predominate vegetation type is sagebrush/grass and riparian zones are infrequent but very important to wild horses, wildlife and livestock.

AML: 60-82