Office of Civil Rights

The Office of Civil Rights is the focal point for all civil rights, equal opportunity programs, and affirmative employment functions in the Bureau of Land Management. We work to develop and enforce civil rights and equal opportunity programs pursuant to existing laws, Executive Orders, and regulations and to ensure equal opportunity for all Bureau employees, applicant for employment, and Federally assisted programs by the Bureau.

Contact the BLM Office of Civil Rights​ or State and Center EEO Managers with any questions.

EEO Formal Complaints Program Manager (Acting)

​Sara Romero-Minkoff

Public Civil Rights Program Manager (Acting)

Chaene Jones

​EEO Manager

Angela James
WO, ES (Formal/Informal EEO Complaints)


​EEO Specialist (Acting)

​Sandra Martinez
CA, NV, NIFC, UT, WY (Formal EEO Complaints)

​EEO Specialist

​Sandra Martinez
AK, ID, CO, NOC, OR (Formal EEO Complaints)


Special Emphasis Program Manager