Most horses are bay, line-back, dunn, sorrel, black, brown, pinto, buckskin, or gray, but many colors and combinations are present. 

Location: The Divide Basin Herd Management Area (HMA) encompasses nearly 779,000 acres, of which 562,702 acres are BLM-administered public lands. The management area is located 40 miles east of Rock Springs to the Rawlins/Rock Springs Field Office boundary, west to the Continental Divide, and north of Interstate 80 to just south of South Pass City. The northern portion of the herd management area consists primarily of consolidated public lands with state school sections and small parcels of private land making up the remaining lands. The southern portion is in the checkerboard land ownership area created by the Union Pacific Railroad grant. 

Size: Nearly 779,000 acres

Topography/Vegetation: Topography within the herd management area is generally gently rolling hills and slopes with some tall buttes and streams. Precipitation ranges six-ten inches, predominately in the form of snow.  Vegetation in the HMA is dominated by sagebrush and grass intermixed with greasewood and saltbrush.

Wildlife: The area also supports significant wildlife populations including elk, deer and pronghorn. Domestic cattle and sheep use the area lightly in summer and moderately in winter.

AML: 415-600

Wild horses watching you in the Divide Basin HMA.