Alaska Fire Service

Provides wildland fire suppression services for Department of the Interior agencies, Alaska Native Corporation lands, and military withdrawn public land under an agreement with the U.S. Army-Alaska.  The Alaska Fire Service leads the BLM Alaska’s statewide Fire and Aviation program.

Ensures suppression services are provided on:

  • 72 million acres - BLM- administered surface lands
  • 52.1 million acres - National Park Service lands
  • 76.5 million acres - U.S. Fish and Wildlife lands
  • 43.5 million acres - Alaska Native Corporation lands
  • 1.6 million acres - Military withdrawn public land under an Interagency Service Agreement with the U.S. Army-Alaska
  • 14,421 - Alaska Native allotments for which the Bureau of Indian Affairs has fire management responsibility (non-contiguous parcels 160 acres or less)
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To report a Wildland Fire in Alaska
Call : 1-800-237-3633 or 911

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Alaska Fire Service
P.O. Box 35005
Fort Wainwright, AK 99703
Phone:  (907) 356-5600