Jackson Fire Crew walking back to camp after working on fire


Eastern States Fire Management is executing a total of nine Wildland  Fire Statewide Master Cooperative and Stafford Act Response Agreements. These facilitate the coordination and exchange of personnel, equipment, supplies and services with our   interagency partners including   the Forest Service, NPS, USFWS, BIA and the States  of  Mississippi,  Michigan, Florida, Maryland, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Alabama,  and  Minnesota.  The  goal  is  to have agreements signed in all 31 states by 2023. The  BLM  fields  highly  trained  professional  firefighters  and  managers  who are committed to managing fire in the most effective ways possible in order to protect communities from the risk of wildfire, and improve wildlife habitat by the application of prescribed fire.

One of  the fundamental objectives of the Jackson Interagency Hotshot Crew (JIHC) is to provide a management career track for traditionally underrepresented groups in the federal wildland fire workforce. To that end, JIHC managers reach out to minority populations and military veterans to promote the wildland fire community.