California Trail Interpretive Center

California Trail Interpretive Center

The California Trail Interpretive Center provides a variety of opportunities to engage Junior Rangers throughout the year. Junior Rangers can complete the Center’s Junior Ranger Explorer Book, featured in the Nevada Adventure Book for Junior Explorers.  Explore, Learn, and Volunteer in pioneer life and traditional Native American ways of life.

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Explore imageExplore through hands-on activities that enhance Junior Rangers appreciation for cultural and historical sites on public lands. Check out our YouTube videos to learn more about the California Trail Interpretive Center at


Learn image The California Trail Interpretive Center is excited to host field trips! Our free education programs follow Nevada Education and Common Core Standards. Staff-led programs are offered year-round Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Plan on a minimum of 1 1/2 hours for staff-led programs. In order to provide the best possible experience to students, group size is limited to 50 students (or 2 classrooms) per visit. For more info, go to


Volunteer imageThe California Trail Interpretive Center has a variety of volunteer opportunities for both individuals and organized groups. Volunteers greet visitors, monitor trails and exhibits, and help children engage in traditional games.  Dressed in pioneer clothes, volunteers bring history to life at the Center’s outdoor wagon encampment through Dutch oven cooking, playing pioneer fiddle tunes, quilting, and gunsmithing.

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Resources imageThe mission of the California Trail Interpretive Center is to interpret the California Trail experience, its related themes, and provide educational and cultural enrichment to the general public. Through interpretation the Trail Center will contribute to the appreciation and preservation of historic and cultural sites and by forging strong community partnerships and enhance sustainable tourism in the region.