Recreation Site Business Plans

BLM requires each recreation fee site or area to complete a business plan which analyzes and explains how fees are consistent with criteria set forth in the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act. Business plans assist in determining appropriate fee rates, outline the cost of administering fee sites, and identify priorities for future expenditures. A primary purpose of the business plan is to serve as public notification of the objectives for use of recreation fee revenues and to provide the public an opportunity to comment on these objectives before a fee site is designated, or when existing site fees are adjusted.

Draft Business Plans for Public Comment:

Before including an address, phone number, email address, or other personally identifiable information in any comments, be aware that the entire comment - including personal identifying information - may be made publicly available at any time.  Requests to withhold personal identifying information from public review can be submitted, but the BLM cannot guarantee that it will be able to do so.


The Bureau of Land Management is seeking public input on five draft Recreation Business Plans that would modernize the way recreation fee sites are managed for the following locations: Kingman Field Office, Lake Havasu Field Office, the Arizona Strip Field Office’s Virgin River Canyon Recreation Area, the Phoenix District’s Recreational Shooting Sites, and the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument’s Paria Canyon/Coyote Buttes Special Management Area and White Pocket. Learn more, and review an interactive story map of the locations.

Arizona Strip Field Office

Vermilion Cliffs National Monument

Kingman Field Office

Lake Havasu Field Office

Phoenix District Office


Mother Lode Field Office


Salmon Field Office

Coeur d'Alene Field Office

New Mexico

Rio Puerco Field Office


Lander Field Office

Final Plans


Alaska State Office

Anchorage Field Office

Arctic District Office

Central Yukon Field Office 

Eastern Interior Field Office

Glennallen Field Office


Arizona State Office

Arizona Strip District Office

Phoenix District Office

Colorado River District Office 


Arcata Field Office

Bishop Field Office

Redding Field Office


Gunnison Field Office

Royal Gorge Field Office


Burley Field Office

Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area

Owyhee Field Office

Upper Snake Field Office


Elko District Office

Red Rock/Sloan Canyon NCA


Baker District Office

Burns District Office

Coos Bay District Office

Northwest Oregon District Office


Cedar City Field Office

Fillmore Field Office

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

Kanab Field Office

Moab Field Office 

Monticello Field Office

Price Field Office

Richfield Field Office

Salt Lake Field Office

St. George Field Office 

Vernal Field Office