Recreation Fee Program

The BLM authorized through the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act to charge either standard or expanded amenity fee at recreation sites according to the level of development. Standard and expanded amenity fee sites are managed through the issuance of Recreation Use Permits. The method of payment depends on the particular sites, but commonly includes: fee envelopes, a visitor contact station or visitor center, through an online reservation system or by other electronic means. Find your site at the Visit Us search

Recreation Fee Types 

Recreation fees enable federal land management agencies to reinvest the following types of fees back into the recreation sites:

Standard Amenity Fees

Typically a day use site, these include picnic areas, developed trailheads, and destination visitor or interpretation centers. Each standard amenity fee site must contain at least the following six "amenities" -- picnic tables, trash receptacle, toilet facility, parking, interpretive signing, and security services. The America The Beautiful – The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass provides access to most Standard Amenity Fee sites.

Expanded Amenity Fees


Expanded Amenity Fees are charged for specialized outdoor recreation sites and services that provide direct benefits primarily to individuals or groups rather than to society as a whole. The individual or group receiving a direct service or using a specialized facility should bear a greater share of the direct costs of providing the service or facility. 

Expanded amenity recreation sites and services commonly include campgrounds, highly developed boat launches, swimming areas, cabins or lookout rentals. Services like hookups, dump stations, special tours, transportation systems and reservation services are also included. Expanded amenity fees provide direct benefits to individuals or groups from specific or specialized facilities, equipment or services.


A woman stands near her tent and admires the milky way in New Mexico. Photo by Bob Wick, BLM.

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