Three people are next to a large rock with a cave-like opening underneath. Two of them have cameras, taking photos.

Wyoming Partners in Preservation

The Wyoming BLM cultural resources program would not be able to meet our obligations under our various authorities without the numerous partnerships that we have. We work very closely with our State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) for a variety of things, including data management, processing undertakings for Section 106 compliance, eligibility determinations on cultural resources for the National Register of Historic Places and on educational outreach. Wyoming BLM also works with the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) to ensure we are implementing Section 106 correctly. The cultural materials collected off of WY BLM lands are mandated to be curated at a curation facility meeting federal standards, and we partner with the University of Wyoming Archaeological Repository (UWAR) for this. Our hands-on educational outreach is augmented by our partnerships with numerous groups, including SHPO, UWAR, and various chapters of the Wyoming Archaeological Society throughout the state.

  • The Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) documents, preserves and promotes Wyoming’s heritage with our preservation partners, which includes the Wyoming BLM. The SHPO’s Review and Consultation Program provides professional review and management services to the State of Wyoming by balancing the needs of development against the need to retain significant pieces of our past.
  • Established in 2006, the Wyoming Archaeological Site Stewardship Program (WYSSP) is comprised of concerned people committed to protecting and preserving Wyoming's rich cultural heritage. Professional heritage/cultural resource specialists and trained volunteers work together to monitor cultural resources throughout the State, adding to the existing documentary record, sustaining a regular presence to deter looting and vandalism, and reporting these activities when they occur.
  • The University of Wyoming Archaeological Repository (UWAR) is the largest archaeological repository in the state and the only federal repository in Wyoming. It houses more than three million artifacts from over 15,000 sites representing all periods of prehistory and early history in Wyoming.
  • The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) is an independent federal agency that promotes the preservation, enhancement, and productive use of our nation's historic resources, and advises the President and Congress on national historic preservation policy.
  • Wyoming Association of Professional Archaeologists/Wyoming Archaeological Society (WAPA/WAS): WAPA/WAS’s goal is to provide for the dissemination of current archaeological information from Wyoming, to provide access to the online journal of The Wyoming Archaeologist, to present relevant archaeological news, and, to provide upcoming events for both the avocational and professional archaeologist.