A young girl looks at rock art created by prehistoric humans

Utah Partners in Preservation

BLM-Utah partners with organizations and institutions across the state to collaboratively develop and implement cultural resources programs and projects and amplify education and outreach messages. Field and monument offices have a strong tradition of partnering to identify and monitor significant cultural resources, develop and promote cultural resources messaging, and complete volunteer projects. St. George Field Office's partnership with Southwest Utah National Conservation Lands Friends (SUNCLF) is a prime example. The State Office also partners with several organizations on similar statewide efforts, which are highlighted here.

  • This year the St. George Field Office (SGFO) worked with Southwest Utah National Conservation Lands Friends (SUNCLF) to oversee the efforts of 23 volunteer stewards, who monitored over 40 sites, cleaned up graffiti at the Red Reef Shelter in the Red Cliffs, trained and mentored new stewards, staffed public outreach events, and acted as docents at the Orson-Adams House (a restored mid-nineteenth century era house). The SGFO and SUNCLF also initiated a site steward “lite” program called Petroglyph Patrol. Petroglyph Patrol volunteers will hike along trails at the Land Hill ACEC, which is heavily visited by the public and has a high concentration of rock art and other types of archaeological sites that are managed for public use. Volunteers will provide a visible steward presence and encourage appropriate and sustainable visitation practices.
  • Tread Lightly! has helped BLM develop the “Respect and Protect” outreach campaign. Launched in May 2016, the campaign is intended to end the looting and vandalism of cultural and paleontological resources on public lands in Utah. Learn about the campaign at RespectProtect.org.
  • Friends of Cedar Mesa is partnering with BLM to build a statewide site steward program in Utah. Similar to program in neighboring states, the Utah program will recruit and train interested members of the public to monitor archaeological sites for damage and loss. Friends of Cedar Mesa also partners with the Monticello Field Office to collaboratively develop and implement projects aimed at cultural resources protect and outreach.
  • BLM has also partnered with Southern Utah University to expand the reach of Project Archaeology throughout the state. The hope is engage more and a wider range of teachers and students in this heritage education program. Learn more about Project Archaeology at projectarchaeology.org and visit Southern Utah University at suu.edu.