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Eastern States State Office

BLM Eastern States manages over 40,000 surface acres and 39 million subsurface acres of public land for multiple use in the 31 states east of and bordering the Mississippi River. They include the historic Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Outstanding Natural Area in southern Florida and famous snow-white beaches of the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico. We manage mountain biking trails on the Meadowood Special Recreation Management Area in northern Virginia, which include wooden features that are unique in the mid-Atlantic states; the historic Chiles home site on Douglas Point, Maryland, situated near the Captain John Smith National Historic Water Trail that follows the Maryland side of the Chesapeake Bay; and numerous islands in the lakes and rivers of Wisconsin and Minnesota for recreation and wildlife habitat.

Eastern States Specific Programs

The following is a list of BLM Eastern States specific program areas. For general program area information, please click on the BLM National Program areas tab at the top of the page.


Mitchell Leverette

State Director

Leah Baker

Associate State Director

Kristen Peters

Deputy State Director, Communications

Anthony Bobo

Deputy State Director, Natural Resources

Dave Radford

Deputy State Director, Geospatial Services

Leigh Espy

Deputy State Director, Support Services