In managing approximately 40,000 acres of widely scattered parcels and 39 million acres of federal mineral estate across the eastern states, the BLM ES works with numerous partners representing many diverse ecosystems and special landscapes. In order to develop the most comprehensive NEPA documents with clarity, we collaborate with Surface Management Agencies such as the U.S. Forest Service and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, among others. Working with local governments and through public involvement with all our communities of interest, the BLM Eastern States seeks informed consent from all stakeholders in land use planning. 

Plans and NEPA Documents in Development

Read about featured plans and NEPA documents currently being developed, revised or amended, and get involved in the planning process.

*The process for some of the plans in development was started, but new information or other previously unforeseen circumstances caused these plans to be paused or cancelled. In pursuit of transparency, the links to these pages are still provided for public viewing. 

Plans in Effect

The Bureau of Land Management uses the following plans to guide management of public lands across Eastern States. 


Land Use Plans currently implemented in the Northeastern States District: 


Other Plans implemented by the Northeastern States District 

Some plans may not constitute full land use plans, but still provide meaningful management direction for specific uses and activities within given areas managed by the BLM.


Land Use Plans currently implemented in the Southeastern States District: 


Other Plans implemented by the Southeastern States District Office 


    Frequently Requested NEPA Documents