Eastern States Plans in Development

The BLM develops comprehensive land use plans to guide management decisions and actions on public land and resources. In Eastern States, the BLM uses these plans to manage approximately 40,000 acres of scattered surface parcels and 39 million acres of Federal mineral estate in 31 states east of and bordering the Mississippi River. The BLM relies on public input and engaging with partners, like the U.S. Forest Service, to develop and implement these plans and fulfill its multiple use and sustained yield mission.


Plans and NEPA Documents in Development

The following land use planning and featured NEPA efforts are currently in progress, and the BLM Eastern States encourages you to get involved in the planning process.

You can find all BLM planning and NEPA documents in our ePlanning system

Plans in Effect

The BLM uses the following plans to guide management of public lands across Eastern States.

Land Use Plans currently implemented in the Northeastern States District: 

Other Plans implemented by the Northeastern States District 

Land Use Plans currently implemented in the Southeastern States District: 

Other Plans implemented by the Southeastern States District Office 

Frequently Requested NEPA Documents

The following NEPA documents in Eastern States are frequently requested and available in ePlanning:

Northeastern States District (including Lower Potomac Field Station):

Southeastern States District (including Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Outstanding Natural Area):