Yaquina Head Tour Groups

Thank you for your interest in visiting Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area with your tour group. Please phone 541-574-3100 or email blm_or_no_yhona_comments@blm.gov to make a reservation.

  • If staffing levels and conditions allow, a ranger will meet your group at the Interpretive Center and provide a short introduction to Yaquina Head.
  • Large bus parking is available at the Interpretive Center parking lot.
  • Buses can drop passengers off at the Lighthouse/tidepool area, and Quarry Cove, but there is no large vehicle parking at either location.
  • It is one-third of a mile walk on a paved path from the Interpretive Center to the Lighthouse.
  • Fees: Buses with capacity less than 21 = $25, buses with capacity of 21 or more = $50. Credit cards are accepted.

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Winter Safety on the Oregon Coast

Winter weather along the coast can be dramatic, beautiful and extremely dangerous. Please hold onto car doors when getting in and out of vehicles. On beaches, high surf and sneaker waves can knock walkers off their feet. Never turn your back on the ocean and keep children within arm’s reach.