Yaquina Head Safety and Access


Yaquina Head is a natural area with many potential hazards such as large waves and steep cliffs. There is no guarantee of safety. Please:

  • Keep small children within reach.
  • Wear non-slip, close-toed shoes in tide pools and on lighthouse tours.
  • Hold handrails on stairways.
  • Stay well away from wildlife.
  • Leave rocks, plants, shells, artifacts and other resources in place.
  • Cliffs and unstable areas abound. Stay on maintained trails or walkways and remain behind fences or other barriers.
  • Flying kites, model airplanes, and drones is disruptive to wildlife and not permitted.


The interpretive center at Yaquina Head is ADA wheelchair accessible; a standard sized wheelchair is available to borrow. A captioned video and some tactile elements are included in exhibits.

Observation decks and restrooms throughout the site are wheelchair accessible. Quarry Cove's observation platform is accessible to those who have physical challenges by requesting a gate opener from the Entrance Station or Interpretive Center.

A pass, called America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands - Access Pass, is available to US citizens or permanent residents who have a documented permanent disability that limits a major life function. These passes are available at no cost and honored at Yaquina Head.

Service animals, trained to perform tasks for persons with disabilities, may accompany visitors inside the Interpretive Center and on guided lighthouse tours. Sorry, but neither therapy animals nor pets are allowed inside buildings.


Pets may accompany visitors on trails and walkways except near the lighthouse and in the Cobble Beach tide pools. They must be leashed and under physical control at all times; owners are responsible for pick-up and proper disposal of pet waste.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse Yaquina Head LighthouseThe United States Congress designated the Lower White River Wilderness in 2009 and it now has a total of 2,806 acres. All of this wilderness is located in Oregon and is managed by the Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service.  The White River rises in the high Cascades in western Wasco County, in the Mount Hood National Forest on the southeast flank of Mount Hood. The headwaters are just below White River Glacier in White River Canyon. Additions to the Mount Hood Wilderness protect upper portions of the river, while the Lower White River Wilderness, southeast of the Mount hood Wilderness and east of highway 26, protects a segment of lower river stretch.Yaquina Head Tidepool Yaquina Head Tidepool Yaquina Head Tidepool Yaquina Head Wildlife Yaquina Head Wildlife

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