BLM State Wilderness Study Documents

Bright green, rolling hills partially covered by cloud shadows.In 1976, Congress passed the Federal Land Policy and Management Act, directing the BLM to identify and review all the public lands under its administration which possess the wilderness characteristics described in the Wilderness Act. The BLM conducted three phases of wilderness review: inventory, study, and reporting.  The documents on this page are the results of that process. The inventory documents describe the characteristics of the lands reviewed, and indicate which lands became Wilderness Study Areas.  The reporting documents summarize the study of the multiple resource values of each WSA, and include the “suitable” or “non-suitable” recommendation the BLM based on the values identified during the study, reported to Congress.  These documents represent the information known at the time of their publication and may not reflect current conditions, which may have changed since publication.




Arizona Wilderness Inventory (1980)



California Wilderness Inventory (1978, 1979)

California Wilderness Study Report (1990, 1991)



Colorado Wilderness Inventory (1979, 1980)

Colorado Wilderness Study Report (1991)



Idaho Wilderness Inventory (1980)

Idaho Wilderness Study Report (1991)



Michigan Wilderness Inventory (1981)



Montana Wilderness Inventory (1979, 1980)

Montana Wilderness Study Report (1991)



Nevada Wilderness Inventory (1980)

Nevada Wilderness Study Report (1991)

Nevada Wilderness Study Area Notebooks (2000)

New Mexico


New Mexico Wilderness Inventory (1979, 1980)

Intensive Inventory Reports and Wilderness Study Area Proposals

New Mexico Wilderness Study Report (1991)



Oregon Wilderness Inventory (1979)

Oregon/Washington Wilderness Inventory (1980)

Oregon Wilderness Study Report (1991)



Utah Intensive Wilderness Inventory (1980)

Utah Statewide Wilderness Study Report (1991)



Wisconsin Wilderness Inventory (1981)



Wyoming Wilderness Inventory (1981)

Wyoming Wilderness Study Report (1984, 1991)

Combined State Reports


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