Agency Publications

Grey and rust-colored hills in a treeless desert landscape in the Bisti De-Na-Zin Wilderness Area, New MexicoOur BLM publications include documents produced by the BLM's precursors, the General Land Office and the U.S. Grazing Service. For more information on the General Land Office and the history of the BLM, please visit the BLM history page.

Most BLM publications are held at the BLM Library in print form but many also are available online. Online access generally dates back to the 1990's. 


Selected BLM Publications

Please contact the BLM Library if you are looking for a publication that is not currently linked on this page.

Library Services

The BLM Library, located at the National Operations Center in Denver, exists to serve BLM employees across the country. We also are able to assist members of the general public who seek BLM publications and information. We are the BLM's only full-service library with professional staff. 

Questions? Want to request an item? Contact the BLM Library or visit the Library FAQ.