Tourism and Underserved Communities

The Bureau of Land Management’s Tourism and Community Services program promotes public lands to our local communities and travelers from across the country, and around the world. The BLM is responsible for managing public lands and waters that people visit and experience every day. The program sustains domestic tourism opportunities that provide valuable community amenities, attract businesses, protect sensitive resources, and helps diversify and stabilize the economies of local communities. These remarkably places are not only appreciated for their scenic values, but they are also part of working landscapes, and provide opportunities for activities ranging from ranching, mining, logging and energy development, to hunting, fishing and other recreational activities. Tourism provides an opportunity for visitors to learn about public lands. These lands provide valuable, tangible goods and materials we rely on and use every day to heat our homes, but also to build the roads that connect people to places and experiences that create lifelong memories for American families. 

Travel and Tourism Action Plan

BLM released an action plan to provide a path forward to help the BLM attract and welcome domestic and international visitors within the United States. This action plan provides a comprehensive framework for managing travel and tourism. It identifies sustainable tourism-based actions that the BLM will take to provide exceptional opportunities for domestic and international visitors, contribute to the economy and communities, and conserve America’s public lands for future generations. The BLM works with federal, state, local, tribal partners and travel and tourism industry organizations to implement this plan.