NWORAC Members

***The Northwest Oregon RAC was consolidated on 06/09/20 to the Western Oregon RAC. The information on this page will remain available for historic purposes.***



Interest or Organization Represented

Term Limit

Appointment Start Date

Appointment End Date

Will TuckerElected Official3 years08/03/201505/17/2022
Jim DundonWildlife and Hunting Organizations3 years08/03/201505/17/2022
Samara PhelpsCommercial Recreation3 years05/17/201905/17/2022
Dino VentiOff-Highway Vehicle Users3 years05/17/201905/17/2022
Ken McCallDispersed Recreation3 years05/17/201905/17/2022
Edwin AndersonDispersed Recreation3 years05/17/201905/17/2022
Craig PopeElected Official3 years06/27/201806/27/2021
Michael KennedyTribes3 years06/27/201806/27/2021
Lance PowlisonRights of Way3 years06/27/201806/27/2021