RAC meeting in Alaska

Alaska Resource Advisory Council and Committees

Our resource advisory council (RAC), subsistence adivory panel, and working group offer opportunities for citizens from all backgrounds and interests to have a voice in the management of public lands and its resources.  BLM Alaska curently has one state-wide RAC consisting of 15 members from diverse interests in local communities, including environmental groups, tribes, state and local government officials, academics and other public land users. The NPR-A Subsistence Advisory Panel is comprised of seven representatives from communities on the North Slope. The panel makes recommendations to the BLM regarding issues, concerns, and possible impacts to subsistence resources or harvesting due to oil industry activities. The NPR-A Working Group consists of representatives of North Slope local governments, Native corporations, and tribal entities and was established in accordance of the National Petroleum IAP/EIS planning effort. 

Meeting schedules and membership for each group varies as well as coordinators. Refer to their specific pages to learn more about each unique group.

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