How to Apply

Submit to the local Resource Advisory Council point of contact a complete application package:

  • Resource Advisory Council application (available here).
  • Submit at least one letter of reference.
  • Submit any documents that support application.

Northwest Resource Advisory Council: Elijah Waters, (970) 570-0042 or
Rocky Mountain Resource Advisory Council: Levi Spellman, (719) 269-8554 or
Southwest Resource Advisory Council: D. Maggie Magee, (970) 240-5323 or

For more information about applying to be on a Resource Advisory Council please visit:

About the Colorado Resource Advisory Councils

Colorado has three resource advisory councils within its borders: Rocky Mountain, Northwest and Southwest, aligned with the District Offices, the Northwest RAC includes the Northwest District and Upper Colorado River District offices. Each RAC is comprised of 15 members representing a balance of public land resources and users.

Colorado's RACs meet about four times a year, at locations throughout their area of responsibility. All RAC meetings are open to the public and opportunities are provided at each meeting for the public to address the RAC. Meeting minutes are made available to the public within 30 days after each meeting.




Rocky Mountain RAC

June 22: RAC Meeting
June 23: Field Tour

Northwest RAC

June 21: Field Tour
June 22: RAC Meeting

Southwest RAC

October 10: Field Tour
October 11: RAC Meeting



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