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As the State of Nevada continues to evaluate our adaptive operations plan, all offices remain closed, but are available for scheduled appointments, as appropriate. Our employees are always available by email and phone to answer questions and assist the public with their needs. Our COVID-19 alert contains information on openings, closures and links to additional information provided by the state and CDC. 

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***The information on this page will remain available for historic purposes as part of the 2020 consolidation of BLM Nevada's RACs.***

Sierra-Front Northwestern Great Basin Resource Advisory Council 

The Sierra Front-Northwestern Great Basin RAC covers a geographic area approximately coinciding with the Sierra Nevada, Malheur High Plateau, Humbolt, Fallon-Lovelock and Carson Basin major land resource areas. These areas include federal public lands administered by the BLM-Carson City and Winnemucca District Offices in Humboldt, Pershing, Washoe, Storey, Carson City, Douglas, Churchill, Lyon, Mineral, and Nye Counties in Nevada and small portions of Alpine, Lassen & Sierra Counties in California. 

This RAC meets 3-4 times per year. Membership includes a cross section of Nevadans around the state representing energy, federal grazing, and commercial recreation interests; environmental, archaeological interests, dispersed recreation, and wild horse and burro interests; and Native Americans, elected officials, state agency representatives and the public at large.  

Council members are selected for their ability to provide informed, objective advice on a broad array of public land issues and their commitment to collaboration in seeking solutions to those issues.

Sierra Front Northwest Great Basin


Category One: Commercial 
John Ugalde, Livestock Permittee
Matthew Gingerich, Transportation/ROW
Paul Scott, Transportation/ROW
Kyle Snyder, Energy/Minerals
Tim Dufurrena, Livestock Permittee

Category Two: Environmental, dispersed recreation, archaeological/historic, wild horse and burro interest
Ron Cerri, Dispersed Recreation
Vacant, Archaeology 
Vacant, Wild Horses and Burros
Vacant, Environmental
Vacant, Environmental (Wildlife)

Category Three: Elected official, Native American, public-at-large, state agency, academic
Robert Jones, Nevada State Agency (Chairperson)
Jeanne Herman, Elected Official
Ron Keil, Public-at-Large
Pat Irwin, Public-at-Large
Kevin Roukey, Public-at-Large