Roles and Responsibilities of a RAC Member

Advisory committee members are appointed by the Secretary of the Interior to serve an initial 1- to 3-year term, and may be reappointed to serve additional 3-year terms. Approximately one-third of members are subject to appointment or reappointment every year (each term varies by state).

Members serve without salary, but are reimbursed for travel and per diem expenses at current rates for Federal government employees. Members may also serve on/represent the advisory committee on subcommittees to study and develop recommendations on selected issues for consideration by the full advisory committee.

Advisory committees will generally meet two to four times per year, but will always meet at least once each year. All advisory committee meetings are open to the public. In addition to the requirements contained in the advisory committee charter, and the appropriate Federal laws and regulations, advisory committee members are generally expected to:

  • Attend meetings and field trips.
  • Participate in public discussion of issues during meetings.
  • Provide advice to the Designated Federal Officer (DFO) if necessary.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of issues affecting the committee’s geographic area.
  • Provide BLM officials with opinions and advice that represent the advisory committee member’s point-of-view; the member’s experience and knowledge about the issue; and their reflection on data presented.
  • Provide feedback from the committee to specific interest groups.
  • Provide the BLM with input and overview from interest groups.
  • Attend committee meetings as requested by the council chairperson.
  • Advise the DFO when business scheduled to come before the advisory committee may be a potential conflict of interest for the member.

RAC Perspective

"Our resource advisory council has been an effective way for the BLM to hear diverse viewpoints from across northern California. I think agency managers learn a great deal through our discussions and debates, and the committee members increase their understanding of the issues affecting management of our public lands and natural resources."

-Leonard Moty, Chairperson of the Northern California District RAC