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Cadastral Survey

Surveyor with instrument in the mountains.Cadastral surveys deal with one of the oldest and most
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US Mineral Surveyor Program

fundamental facets of human society-ownership of land.

They are the surveys that create, mark, define, retrace, or reestablish the boundaries and subdivisions of the public lands of the United States.

They are not like scientific surveys of an informative character, which may be amended due to the availability of additional information or because of changes in conditions or standards of accuracy. Although cadastral surveys employ scientific methods and precise measurements, they are based upon law and not upon science.

Cadastral surveys are the foundation upon which rest title to all land that is now, or was once, part of the Public Domain of the United States.



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Image of 2009 ManualManual of Surveying Instructions (2009)Information regarding the 2009 Manual of Surveying Instructions (2009).

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Standards for Boundary Evidence: The Department of the Interior’s policy to assure cadastral survey review of boundary evidence prior to the approval of significant land or resource transactions, or commercial projects.

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Certified Federal Surveyor
"To enhance the level of knowledge and expertise in the professional land surveying community for work performed in Indian Country".

Time History Land Icon for MovieCFedS Video
Introducing "Boundary Surveys: Part of Time, History, Land". For years, Indian Trust lands have been plagued with substandard and in many cases conflicting surveys and survey-related services. This issue led the Secretary of the Interior to create and implement a new survey business service, called the Certified Federal Surveyor (CFedS) Program


Icon for meridian map 2009 Principal Meridian Map

Map and details of Meridians
of the United States.

Icon of maps for GLO RecordsGLO Records
Link to the BLM/GLO Records
automation web site. Includes
patents and plats.




Specifications for Descriptions of Land

Specifications for Descriptions of Land: 2015 Publication providing guidance, rules, and specifications for land descriptions for use in Land Orders, Executive Orders, Proclamations, Federal Register Documents, and Land Description Databases.



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Links to various references, pages, and files, related to cadastral surveying.