BLM State Offices | Lands and Realty

Follow the links below for information about Lands and Realty activities and projects on public lands across the nation.

Alaska region photoAlaska

Phone: 907-271-5960

Arizona region photo Arizona

Phone: 602-417-9200

California region photoCalifornia

Phone: 916-978-4400

Colorado region photo Colorado

Phone: 303-239-3600

Eastern States region photoEastern States

includes Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri and all states east of the Mississippi River

Phone: 703-558-7754

Idaho region photoIdaho

Phone: 208-373-4000

Montana region photoMontana-Dakotas

includes North Dakota and South Dakota 

Phone: 406-896-5004

Nevada region photo Nevada

Phone: 775-861-6500

New Mexico region photoNew Mexico

includes Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas

Phone: 505-954-2222

Oregon region photo Oregon-Washington

Phone: 503-808-6001

Utah region photoUtah

Phone: 801-539-4001

Wyoming region photo Wyoming

Phone: 307-775-6256