Bald Mountain

The Bald Mountain Trail system is located on the eastern end of low ridge (1,000 feet of vertical) that extends from the foothills of Diamond Mountain east out into the northwest end of Honey Lake Valley just 15 miles east of Susanville, CA.

The area consists of 3,120 acres of public land and in 2018 includes 11 miles of trails open to mountain biking, horseback riding and running. A total of 28 miles of trail is planned for the area as well as trailheads, kiosks, and supporting facilities. In 2018 11 miles of non-motorized trails were constructed.

Expansive vistas and 360 views from the summit are what make Bald Mountain a great place for non-motorized activities. Enjoy the trails when temperatures are moderate or cool as there is no shade in this high desert setting ranging from 4,200 to 5,200 feet. A total of 27 miles of trail is planned for the area as well as trailheads, kiosks, and supporting facilities. 

Shooting is prohibited within the Bald Mountain Trailhead or on/across any road or trail.

For Target shooting opportunities visit the Byers Pass website.

Volunteers are welcome! Please contact the BLM Eagle Lake Field Office at 530-257-5311 for more information about the Bald Mountain non-motorized trail system.

Adventure is at Your Fingertips


The BLM Eagle Lake Field Office is in the process of planning a trailhead to support the Bald Mountain trail system. At this time there is small unimproved parking area with a informational kiosk. There are no visitor fees to use BLM lands and the trail system at Bald Mountain. 

Trail construction if still underway, volunteers are welcome! For more information on volunteering contact the BLM Eagle Lake Field Office at 530-257-0456.


Camping is allowed throughout the recreation area; however, there is no developed trailhead or amenities at Bald Mountain, only a small small unimproved parking area and bulletin bored. The parking area has a bulletin board with maps and visitor information. To ensure you do not displace wildlife and livestock camp at least 300 feet from any water source. No potable water is available within the recreation area.


Hunting is a popular sport throughout the upper area of Bald Mountain. Please share the area and watch for  bikers, hikers and horseback riders when hunting in the area. Shooting is prohibited within a quarter mile of any developed trailhead or over or across any road or trail.


Campfires are allowed on BLM lands provided you have a current campfire permit. Fires should only be build in a designated fire pit or a metal pan. There are no fire pits at Bald Mountain. Seasonal fire restrictions may prohibit campfires during periods of high fire danger. To check on fire restrictions contact the Susanville BLM at: (530) 257-0456. 


Shooting is prohibited a quarter mile from any developed trailhead and toward or across any road or trail. Visitors may hear shooting from target shooters, however the trails are not located in areas where shooting occurs. The trails were built away from common recreational target shooting areas.

Target shooting does take place at what is referred to as Byers Pass, and on private lands at the base of Bald Mountain.

For specific information about target shooting at Byers Pass contact the BLM Eagle Lake at 530-252-5303 or visit or look up Byers Pass on


Bald Mountain consists of lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management located primarily east of Byers Pass Road.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife lands known as the Bass Hill Wildlife Area are approximately 1 to 2 miles wide on the ridge west of Byers Pass Road and extend west approximately 3.5 miles to Highway 395 and also extend west of Highway 395. Starting in 2018 the California Department of Fish and Wildlife will charge people to access the Bass Hill Wildlife Area unless they have purchased a California hunting or fishing license for the current year.  The 2018 daily use fee is $4.00 dollars and the annual use fee cost $25.00 dollars. For more information visit the California Department of Fish and Wildlife website at:

Private lands are located at the base of BLM lands on Bald Mountain and at the base of the Bass Hill Wildlife Area. Please drive slowly in residential areas and respect the rights of private landowners and the regulations posted.


Geographic Coordinates

40.3157333, -120.4813139


From the east end of Susanville, California by McDonalds, continue east on Highway 36 which becomes Highway 395 toward Reno. Drive about 14 miles. Pass Janesville and turn left on Standish Buntingville Road (Lassen County Road A-3). Drive north on A-3 for approximately 2.1 miles. Turn left on Sunnyside Road by the blue fire station then in .1 miles turn right on Byers Pass Road (gravel). Drive north .3 miles. Turn right just after "Road impassable when wet sign" where there is a small sign that says Bald Mountain Trails. Follow dirt road for approximately .15 miles. Turn left and follow the road approximately 0.2 miles to a bulletin board and small dirt parking area. The trail system begins just past the bulletin board where there is a small gate and barbed wire fence.

From Reno, Nevada drive about 73 miles north on Highway 395. Turn right on Standish Buntingville Road (Lassen County Road A-3) and follow directions above.