Elm Creek Wild Horse and Burro Corrals

The Wild Horse and Burro Corrals at Elm Creek has been in place since 1994. Elm Creek is the mid-states resting point for animals on their journey to either Off-Range Pastures in the mid-west or adoption events in the mid-west to the east coast. The facility is located on approximately 35 acres on Highway 183 north of Elm Creek, Nebraska and approximately 6 miles north of Exit 257 from Interstate 80. The facility is located on the northwest corner of the intersection between Highway 183 and 100th Road.

The Elm Creek facility can house up to 500 animals, but has an average population of 350-450 animals year-round. The animals at the facility are a mix of mares, geldings, burros and yearlings from most of the Western States that have wild horses and burros on public lands.

Contact Information

Elm Creek Wild Horse and Burro Corrals
P.O. Box 160
5050 100th Road
Elm Creek, NE 68836

Telephone: 308-856-4498

Hours of Operation

The facility is open to the public to view or adopt the animals Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., except federal holidays. Anyone interested in adopting and selecting an animal should call to make an appointment.