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Rogue National
Wild and Scenic River

Hazardous Fuel Reduction Project

Hazardous Fuel Reduction Project

The purpose of this project is to reduce the fire hazard in areas located within the boundary of the Hellgate Recreation Section of the Rogue Wild and Scenic River. Many years of effective fire exclusion have resulted in conditions of high fuel loads and fire hazard. The project would reduce vegetative fuel loads to protect property values within the corridor and to protect the special river values, should a severe wildfire occur. Fuel hazard reduction treatments would be done in a manner consistent with the management goals of the Wild and Scenic River. This is a Healthy Forests Initiative project and a national pilot NEPA project.


In August 2002, President Bush announced the Healthy Forests Initiative, directing the Departments of Agriculture and the Interior and the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) to develop administrative and legislative measures that will help reduce the threat of catastrophic wildfire to America's forests and rangelands. The initiative builds on core components of the National Fire Plan's 10 year Comprehensive Strategy and Implementation Plan. This historic plan, which was adopted in the spring of 2002 by federal agencies and western and southern governors, in collaboration with county commissioners, state foresters, and tribal officials, calls for more active forest and rangeland management. It establishes a framework for protecting communities and the environment through local collaboration.

The Healthy Forests Initiative will expedite federal and local efforts to restore forest health through active land management efforts such as thinning of small trees and brush, and, where appropriate, prescribed burning.

The Rogue River pilot project is one of 10 national projects initially identified. It is the only project in Oregon.

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