BLM re-opens Galice Road ahead of schedule

Medford DO
Media Contact
Kyle Sullivan
Galice Road showing the area between Almeda County Park and the Grave Creek Boat ramp

Galice, Ore. — The Bureau of Land Management Grants Pass Field Office is excited to announce that construction has finished on Galice Road nearly two months ahead of schedule. The barriers will be removed by Thursday, April 4, and the public will again be allowed to use the road. The area between Almeda County Park and the Grave Creek Boat ramp has been closed since the Rum Creek Fire in 2022.

There is still the potential for hazards in the burned area including falling trees and limbs, debris flows, falling rocks and other safety concerns. Motorists are encouraged to avoid parking under cliff faces. The Rainie Falls Trail and Rocky Bar are still closed to the public. Argo boat ramp is open.

“We are ecstatic that West Coast Contractors was able to finish work early and get the road re-opened for springtime access,” said Shaun Bessinger, Assistant District Manager. “Decent weather, material availability, extended work schedules and just plain hard work allowed construction to finish ahead of schedule.”

The Rum Creek Fire caused extensive damage to areas above the road corridor and surrounding landscape, leading to debris slides, falling rocks and damaged trees that needed to be addressed before the road was safe to travel again. The cost of the project was $4 million. Crews performed rock scaling, where they removed loose rocks above the roads. Approximately 400 dump truck loads of loose material were removed. Rock netting and attenuator fences were installed to reduce future rockfall events. Additional work was completed to help culverts deal with additional debris. Finally, the crews patched the asphalt where falling rocks damaged the road surface.

“We want to thank the public for their patience while safe travel conditions were ensured after the Rum Creek Fire,” said Heidi Lowery, Grants Pass Field Manager. “Please drive carefully on the re-opened road and keep an eye out for hazards.”

The Rainie Falls Trail remains closed. After the fire, rockslides caused rock, trees, and other debris to fall on the tread of the trail. Retaining wall features built out of wood, railroad ties, and metal stakes were burnt and damaged to the point of failure. The trail poses extreme fall hazards in the current condition. The BLM is currently seeking bids to repair the trail.