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Rogue National
Wild and Scenic River

Rogue River Permits

Wild Rogue River Commercial and Noncommercial Permit Guideline Videos

All Wild Section Rogue River Party Leaders are required to watch the Wild Rogue River Permit Guidelines Video once per year. It is encouraged that all river users watch the video prior to boating the Rogue River. This includes Commercial and Noncommercial boaters.

Regulated Use Season Float Permits: The Wild Rogue is a regulated use river with noncommercial permits required for floating between Grave Creek and Foster Bar from May 15 through October 15. Noncommercial Float permits cost $10.00 per person, per trip. There are several ways to obtain a noncommercial permit to float the Wild Rogue River during the "regulated use" season. Take one or more of the steps listed on the About Permits page to help you get your spot on the Rogue River.

2016 Noncommercial Permit Information:

Trail Hiker Permits: A Wild Rogue Float Permit is required for trail hikers, when trail hikers are supported by boaters. If a hiker hikes the entire trail and packs all their own gear, a float permit is not required.

Off-Season Float Permits: Between October 16 and May 14 Wild Rogue noncommercial boaters are requested to stop by the Smullin Visitor Center at Rand in Galice or at the Grave Creek Boat Ramp to fill out a self-issuing permit. There are no fees for the self-issuing permits and no restrictions on the number of floaters per day. Trip registration will help managing agencies track use in the off-season and provide a means for identifying who may be on the river, in case of emergency. Adherence to the "Conditions of Use" on the back of the self-issuing permit is required. For information on obtaining a float permit, see the the About Permits page. For current float openings, see the Float Space Openings page.

Noncommercial Jet Boat Permits: Noncommercial jet boat operators looking for a permit to motor up the Wild Rogue, between Watson Creek and the pool just above the Devils Stairs Rapid, can contact Cougar Lane Store, in Agness, at 541-247-7233. There is a maximum of six noncommercial jet boat permits issued per day between May 15 and November 15. Noncommercial jet boat permits can be issued up to 14 days in advance of the launch date.

Commercial Boating Permits: Commercial businesses offering guided trips on public lands and waterways are required to obtain a Special Recreation Permit prior to beginning operations. Commercial outfitters offering guided boat trips on the Rogue National Wild and Scenic River, from the mouth of the Applegate River to Lobster Creek, are required to obtain a permit from the Medford District Office of the Bureau of Land Management prior to operations, phone 541-471-6648.