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Trail Hiker Permits

A Wild Rogue Float Permit is required for trail hikers, when trail hikers are supported by boaters. If a hiker hikes the entire trail and packs all their own gear, a float permit is not required.

General Information

The 40 mile Rogue River National Recreation Trail is in the heart of the National Wild and Scenic Rogue River Canyon. The trail runs from Grave Creek to Illahe. The Rogue was one of eight rivers originally designated under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968. The intent of the act is to protect the river's outstanding values of scenery, fisheries, and recreation for present and future generations. One of the most interesting ways to experience the Rogue River Canyon is by taking a backpacking trip on the Rogue River National Recreation Trail.


The Rogue River National Recreation Trail follows the north bank of the river as it winds its way toward the Pacific Ocean. The west trail head is at Foster Bar, about 30 river miles inland from the coastal town of Gold Beach, Oregon. Grave Creek, the east trail head, is about 30 river miles downriver from the town of Grants Pass, Oregon. Information on the roads to the trail heads can be found on our Shuttle Routes web page.

Trip Planning

Most of the Rogue River Trail is well constructed and has moderate grades. The average hike over this 40 mile trail takes 4 to 5 days. Trees, landslides, and high water can create difficult passage across the trail after storms. Trail maintenance is done in May or June after winter storms are no longer a threat. This is a hiking trail only and is closed to motorized vehicles, bicycles, and pack animals.

The trail can be hiked starting from either end or from the middle. If you hike east the sun will be at your back in the afternoon, which might be desirable in the summer time. Spring and fall are the popular hiking seasons as the summer can be hot and dry in the Rogue River canyon.